About Us

We purchased this little piece of Heaven in May 2019, but it feels like we’ve always been here. “Blue Skies” is the quintessential skydiving greeting and salutation. It’s like the word “aloha” in Hawaii; it can be used both in greeting and in departure. It is both practical (yes, we want the skies of blue so we can jump, jump, jump) and spiritual. It is a sacred phrase, much like “Respect” and “One Love” in Jamaica.

The reason “Blue Skies” is significant to us is because Curt got hooked on skydiving in the military, when the Air Force decided to throw him out of airplanes during Special Operations’ missions. He has continued to participate in the sport as a hobby. After we met, Curt introduced Dana to skydiving and she fell in love with it (and him, too). Curt proposed to Dana skydiving, and the rest of our marriage has been an adventure every day, ever since.

One love,

Curt & Dana